Control servo motors in DMX, connect sensors and actuators.

We can connect directly to the arpschuino², 1 or 2 servomotors, if they do not require too much current. Otherwise, they need a separate power supply and of course a 3-points male plug. The arp>servo is perfect for that.

Please consult our servo tutorial for more details.

The arp>servo is also perfectly suited for connecting 3-legged sensors and actuators (gnd, Vcc and signal) to the arpschuino. Connect them using a 3 way Dupont connector cable.

Specifications :

  • HE10 Connector with latch
  • connecting to arpschuino by HE10 ribbon
  • 8 I/O with gnd, Vcc and signal
  • Power supply on terminal block

Price :

  • arp>servo kit : 5€
  • assembly : 2€

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 ressources :

arp>servo assembly guide(fr+en) : PDF

Tuto servo