arpower mini

To dim an LED or low voltage lamp up to 2 amps, 10 amps with a heat sink.

A single channel arpower.

The arpower mini is ideal to drive power from any board or microcontroller with digital or analog outputs (PWM). This includes our arpschuino, arpsensors and arpsensorRF, and arduinos, raspberry pi or others as well.

Their outputs can only provide an intensity limited to 50 milliamps (or even much less), and a voltage of 3.3 or 5V. It is enough to light small signal LEDs, but for powerful LEDs, low voltage lamps, motors or electromagnets, you need more power.

The arpower mini is a single channel arpower, its design is directly inspired by the power part of the wilulu.

With the arpower mini, the arpschuino is capable of dimming up to 2 amps, and up to 10 amps with a heat sink.

To dim LEDs with an arpschuino², use the Arp5 and Arp6 outputs which allow fine dimming (12 bits).

The arpower mini has a location for a current limiting resistor, see here how to calculate its value. If you do not need a current limitation (in the case of lamps or LED strips), replace this resistance with a simple copper wire.

The arpower is supplied as a kit, to assemble yourself. We can assemble it for you, on request.

Specifications :

  • compatible with arpschuino, arpsensors, arpsensorsRF, arduino ...
  • 1 dimming circuit PWM or digital
  • 1 IRL540N mosfet
  • I/O on screw terminals
  • Connection to arpschuino by Dupont cables or terminal blocks
  • Power : 2 amps or 10 amps with a heat sink
  • Location for current limiting resistor
  • Usable voltages: up to 100V DC
  • Dimensions : 35 mm / 28 mm

Assembly guide for the arpower mini(fr+en): PDF

Price :

  • arpower mini : 8 €

Options :

  • heat sink : 3 €
  • thermal paste : 1,50 €
  • kit assembly : 5 €

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