led board

A small board with 8 signal LEDs.

The led board is provided with 8 signal LEDs and must be connected to one of the main ports of the arpschuino² with a 10 pins HE10 10 ribbon. We can install two per arpschuino.

It will be useful when you need signal LEDs or for debugging. It can also be used as a bargraph.

For a panel installation, we will solder the LEDs "upside down" on the lower part of the board.

It is delivered with a mix of red, green and yellow LEDs, you can specify the colors when ordering.

Due the simplicity of the card, there is no assembly guide, just be sure to solder the LEDs in the right direction: large tab in the square pad .

Specifications :

  • HE10 Connector with latch
  • Connecting to arpschuino by 10 pins HE10 10 ribbon
  • 8 LEDs and limitation resistors 220 ohm
  • current 20 mA max by led

Price :

  • led board kit : 7€
  • kit assembly : 3€

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