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Single-channel wireless dimmer and more.

A new generation wilulu : a wireless pocket dimmer with ultra fine dimming, plus an arpschuino port available for a multitude of applications.

  • wilulu32, câble IPEX>SMA et antenne

A wilulu32 + a wifi router and go !

The wilulu32 is optimized for Artnet wifi control and for battery power from 3.6 to 12V (provide a separate power supply for elements operating between 13 and 48V). With a mosfet allowing it to deliver 2.5A or up to 10A with the optional heat sink, it is a true RF dimmer capable of operating on batteries.

It is no longer necessary to use a dedicated transmitter, a simple wifi router will fulfill this task. Compared to the old generation of wilulu based on the RF12 transceiver, the quality of the radio link is improved, regardless of the type of antenna used.

With the wilulu32, the number of usable copies is no longer limited. A complete artnet universe with 512 wilulu32s is possible, as well as multiple wilulu32s in different universes!

External antenna for long distances.

The wilulu has an integrated antenna, it can also optionally be equipped with an IPEX connector allowing the use of an external antenna.

The wilulu32, a mini arpschuino32?

Equipped with the ESP32 SoC, the wilulu32 operates similarly to the apschuino32. It natively benefits from a PWM resolution (LED dimming) that can reach the exceptional value of 16 bits, for ultra-fine LED dimming.

In addition to the integrated dimmer, the presence of an 8 I/O port identical to those of the arpschuino32, allows you to use all devices compatible with the Arpschuino without programming (arpower, arpsteppers, arp>terminals, arp>servo...). An I²C port and a serial port are also available.

We can therefore, as with an arpschuino32, easily control motors, stepper motors, electromagnets, relays or servo motors...

Wifi configuration with a browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Just like the arpschuino32, it is fully configurable via wifi via an HTML page, thanks to the server embedded in the default firmware.

It is equipped with a multi-colored status LED allowing you to know at a glance if you are connected, if you are receiving Artnet, etc...

Usage examples:

With Li-Ion or Li-Po 3.7V battery: LED 3v 1w, 3w, 10w...

With 12V battery: lamp, ramp or strip of 12V LEDs.

With separate power supply: 30, 50 or 100W/36V LEDs, 24V LED strip or strip.

With 9V battery: fireworks trigger.


  • 1 ESP32 Wroom 4Mb.
  • 2.4 Ghz WiFi.
  • 1 low voltage up to 100V
  • Power supply: 3.6 to 12V.
  • Output current: 2.5A max, 10A with heat sink
  • One 8 I/O port.
  • 1 serial port.
  • 1 I2C port.
  • 1 multicolor status LED.
  • Dimensions: L=32 mm / W=71 mm / h=16mm.

The wilulu32 is available in a version with an integrated antenna or with an IPEX connector for an external antenna.

Price :

  • kit wilulu (to assemble) : 35€

Options :

  • Kit assembly : 10€
  • Heatsink : 3€
  • IPEX>SMA cable 5cm : 1.5 €
  • IPEX>SMA cable 15cm : 2 €
  • SMA antenna 2.4 Ghz : 8 €
  • SMA antenna 2.4 Ghz large format: 10€

In a first time, the wilulu32 is available assembled only. The kit version will be available soon.

 ressources :

Assembly guide for the wilulu32 (fr+en): PDF

wilulu32 schematic: PDF

firmware Wilulu32

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