Give more I/O to the arpschuino.

Give more I/O to the arpschuino !

The arpsensors was specially developed to add more analogs inputs to arpschuino. This is not just an analog multiplexer, it is equipped with its own microcontroller that communicates with the arpschuino via the I²C port.

The raw data from most analog sensors are difficult to exploit as is. They need smoothing, therefore, with the default code, the arpsensors perform 16 measurements of each analog input and return average. So the arpschuino don't need to do that and receives pre-processed data via the I²C port. In addition to the 6 analog inputs, 3 digital inputs values (on/off) are returned.

You can daisy chain multiple arpsensors.

The arpsensors is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi cards. This is particularly usefull for the Raspberry Pi which does not have analog input. It can also work in stand alone mode.

You can reprogram the arpsensors via ISP (see this tuto). It has 9 I/O, including 6 analog inputs and 3 PWM outputs (dimable).

The arpsensors kit is to assemble yourself. We can do the work for you, on request. This may lead to an additional delay.

Spécifications :

  • 1 I²C port
  • 1 ISP port
  • 1 Atiny 84 microcontroler
  • 9 I/O including 6 analogs input (0 to 5) et 3 pwm outputs (4 to 6)
  • Need 3/5V power suply provided by the I²C port
  • 1 reset boutton
  • Dimensions : 25 mm / 49 mm.

Assembly guide for the arpsensors : PDF

Price :

  • kit arpsensors : 11€
  • kit assembly : 6€

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