input terminals

Access the input port of the arpschuino32.

The arpschuino32 is equipped with an "input" port. Unlike the inputs of ports A and B, those of this port do not allow to activate internal pullups or pulldowns. The input terminals come with a resistors network that can pull up or pull down.

The pullups are necessary for example for the installation of limit switches on this port

It is also equipped with 4 decoupling capacitors to avoid any problem due to digital noise.

It connects to the arpschuino32 using a 6-conductor Dupont M/F cable or by plugging it in directly (see photo).

Specifications :

  • Direct connection to the arpschuino or by Dupont M/F 6-way cables.
  • Input on terminal blocks: Arp16 to 19, gnd and Vcc.
  • 4 capacitors 100nf.
  • 1 network of 4 resistors 1000ohms.

Price : 5 €

Assembly : 2 €

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