Access the I/O of the arpschuino on terminal blocks.


Sometimes we need to access the I/O of the arpschuino directly, via terminal blocks. The arp> terminals adapter is made for that.


In addition to the 8 I/O of one of the ports of the arpschuino, the arp> terminals² also gives access to the ground (gnd) and voltage (Vcc). Please note, this is not a power suply output and care should be taken not to pass current greater than 300mA into the ribbon cable.


If you use a port of the arpschuino as input, it is advisable to use the arp>terminal-C, equipped with small capacitors for interference suppression.

Specifications :

  • HE10 Connector with latch
  • Connecting to arpschuino by HE10 10 ribbon cables
  • Out : 8 GPIO for arp>terminal
  • Out : 8 GPIO gnd and Vcc for arp>terminal² and arp>terminal-C
  • arp>terminal-C : 8 capacitors 100nf

Price :

  • arp>terminals kit : 5€
  • arp>terminals² kit : 6€
  • arp>terminals-C kit : 7.5€
  • arp>terminals and arp>terminals² assembly : 2€
  • arp>terminals-C assembly : 3€

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