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troubleshooting :

  • The red LED does not light when the arpschuino or grada lap is turned on.
    • Check that the + and ground are not inverted.
    • Check the mounting of your card, especially the direction of the diodes and LEDs.

  • The green LED of the arpschuino does not blink pas when the DMX cable is plugged in.
    • Verify that the DMX jumper is in place.

  • I can not upload a program into the arpschuino.
    • Did you remove the jumper from DMX in ?
    • Select "arduino/genuino uno" in Tools > Board menu.
    • Check that the proper port is selected in the Tools > Serial Port menu.

Power supply :

  • My arpschuino does not work with a 9v battery.
    • Although the voltage (9v) is sufficient, this type of battery does not provide sufficient intensity for proper operation. Use a coupler with 4 AA 1.5v batteries instead.

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