Update arpschuino32.

The arpschuino32 firmware is constantly evolving. To benefit from the latest features, you will need to update your board.

Fortunately, the arpschuino32 updates "in one click"! This tutorial is going to be very short.

We will see here how to proceed.

First, you need to be connected to your arpschuino32 and have an internet connection. The best solution is to connect to a internet box, or to the access point of a smartphone connected to 4/5G.

The arpschuino32 must not be in static IP, if so, switch to DHCP mode for the update.

Click on the tools tab:

The tools tab

The version number you are currently using is displayed.

You can click on the link just below to see the available versions. Copy the version number you want to install and paste it in the field just below (update to version), click Update! and...that's it.

The files will be automatically downloaded, installed and the board will restart.

During this time, the green LED will flash very quickly and the progress of the process will be displayed on the page. Of course, do not unplug or reset your card during this step. Rest assured, if this happens by accident or if there is a connection problem, the update will not be done but the old version will not be damaged.

When the update is complete, the green led stops and the message update succes! is displayed. Your browser page is then automatically reloaded to display the new version.

IMPORTANT: All configuration data that you previously saved is retained. You won't need to go through this step again.

On the other hand, if you had made modifications in the source code, in the custom_port.cpp file in particular, they cannot be saved. You will need to include your changes in the source code of the new release and re-upload it.

In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to ask questions on the arpschuino forum .