USBasp programmer

program an arpsensors, arpsensorsRF, wilulu and more.

  • USBasp and adapter
  • USBasp
  • USBasp on arpsensors, arpsensorsRF and wilulu

Easy programming ! !

Although we do not intend to market tier hardware, we still offer this programmer to simplify your steps and because it is perfectly suited to our boards equipped with ATiny microcontrollers. : the arpsensors, arpsensorsRF and wilulu. It also allows you to program any programmable board equipped with an ISP port, 6 or 10 pins.

It run at 3.3v and will not damage the RF12 radio tranceiver.

You will find in this tutorial how to install and reprogram your boards.

An adapter for the 6-pins ISP port and a HE10 ribbon are provided.

Specifications :

  • ISP programer
  • HE10 ribbon 10 pins
  • 10>6 pins adapter 20cm
  • Dimensions : 68 mm / 19 mm.

The USBasp programmer and adapter are supplied assembled and ready to use.

Price :

  • USBasp programmer : 6 €

 ressources :

drivers for windows (no driver driver needed for mac and linux)


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